VL-2600 wash

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The VL2600 Wash is designed with top-class performance and cost-effective ownership in mind. It produces 22,000 lumens of high color temperature, high contrast light output from its state-of-the-art 550 W light engine, with a class- leading zoom range of 12-63°. The VL2600 Wash includes an internal, beam-shaping framing system and has an adjustable beam edge feature (PC or Fresnel). It also expands on the color range of the VL2500, off erring a broader choice of saturated colors whilst maintaining the familiar Vari-Lite color pallet from a CMY color system with variable CTO adjustment, plus a 7-color fixed wheel. Compact, lightweight, fast and accurate, the VL2600 Wash is engineered to be easy to use, prep and maintain. The VL2600 Wash is one of three luminaires designed as the LED generation update for the popular VL2500 Series. A full system lighting solution with dedicated Spot, Wash and Profile fixtures, the VL2600 range combines Vari-Lite quality and performance with the latest LED technology, all engineered to deliver the best possible package to the mid-sized show lighting segment.

  • Lower power consumption – approx. 820 W (550 W LED engine).
  • High output – 22,000 lumens.
  • High color temperature – 7200 K.
  • Good color rendering.
  • Wide zoom range – 12° to 63°.
  • Color mixing – CMY and variable CTO.

• Fixed color wheel (7 + open).
• Adjustable beam edge – PC to Fresnel.
• Beam-shaping framing system.
• Compact design.
• Fast and accurate movement (FP=3s, FT=2s).

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