VL-800 eventprofile

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The Vari-Lite VL800 EVENTPROFILE is a compact LED event profile fixture that has the DNA of Vari-Lite built in. This high output framing profile luminaire offers full CYM+CTO color mixing and the signature “Vari-Lite smooth” movement that designers expect. The VL800 EVENTPROFILE, available in black or white body options, includes professional-grade features in a small, tour-ready form factor, supplying a fixed color wheel; static and rotating gobo wheels; and prism, frost, and iris. With camera-ready frequency adjustment options and multi-mode fan control, the VL800 EVENTPROFILE is ready for any application.

  • Cost-effective, high output LED profile built by Vari-Lite – affordable LED framing profile from a brand you trust.
  • Full CMY-CTO color mixing – variable color mixing with saturation control, offering numerous vivid and creative color options.
  • Static and rotating gobo wheels, prism, frost, and iris – professional features in a small form factor. Multiple visual options for a variety of uses.

• Multi-mode fan control – adjust settings to control fan noise. Offers a low dB experience across all frequencies, eliminating buzzing or hums from an otherwise quiet device. Mode options include standard, studio, and whisper mode.

• Adjustable frequency to exceed camera frame rates – camera friendly fixtures for IMAG or live televised events.

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